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Rent or Own? First Insurance Group has Insurance Plans for Associations and Tenants

Church & Ministry

Visit our new church division website at www.figprotectschurches.com

Commercial Insurance

Build for Your Business's Future With an Insurance Plan From First Insurance Group

Agriculture & Farm

Let First Insurance Group Protect Your Farm for Future Generations

Employee Benefits

Give Your Employees the Benefits They Deserve With an Employee Benefits Package from First Insurance Group

Small Business

Let us Help Your Small Business Grow for the Future With an Insurance Plan from First Insurance Group

Commercial Checklist

FIG understands your business and has the insurance plan that is correct for you business. Learn how FIG is the best choice for your business's insurance needs. 

Personalized Risk Management Solutions

First Insurance Group, Inc has been serving the needs of businesses and families around south central Indiana since 1928. This dedication to the people in our community and our agency have helped us build one of the biggest independent agencies in the area. Our growth has come from our belief in couseling our clients on their risk management needs and how an customized plan can minimize their exposures to loss while helping them work towards their goals for the future.

Our business is built on relationships. At First Insurance Group, we want to build a long lasting relationship with each and every one of our clients and their families. These relationships are built on loyalty, trust, and reliability - allowing us to truly build a lasting relationship with our clients and the people that make up our agency. 

Why Choose FIG?

At FIG we work with our strengths and use those strengths into advantages for you. We take the time to understand what your business or family need and want, giving our agency the unique opportunity to create a customized plan to limit your exposures and protect the future. Our industry knowledge, management solutions, and customer service give us the tools necessary to buid a lasting relationship and a protection plan for what matters most. 

Expert Consultation

As the industry and marketplace change so does your business. Our consulations help you make the transitions with the marketplace so you can see solutions, not just another product. These solutions help you build for the future giving a direct insight into your needs and the transferring of risk. Our goal is to consistantly bring you the best service with solutions for what lies ahead. 

Proactive and Effective

We work ahead of the curve to keep you on track. Creating solutions for our clients is a passion for us, and we want to continue to bring that passion to more and more people. We will always work directly with you in the pursuit of transferring risk, managing the risk, insuring your needs, and giving you the benefits of being with an insurance agency that works in your best interest.

Industry Resources

Working with the top carriers in the country, advanced technology, and proactive risk management solutions are just part of the resources that First Insurance Group has to offer. We are constantly working to bring our customers the best experience with innovative business solutions through communication and enhancing their services. 

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